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My husband and I met in 2016 in Detroit, Michigan and our relationship moved at the speed of light. Within a month we had moved in together, the next year we bought our first house in Brightmoor, and the next year we were pregnant and began restoring a 120 year old Victorian home in southwest Detroit. 

After becoming parents we began brainstorming a business that could grow with our family, and out of that search Cozy was born. Becoming a mom changed my perspective in so many ways: my blissfully ignorant consumer driven ways transformed overnight- suddenly all I could think of when perusing shockingly cheap home decor was child labor, the pollution rates in China and India, the cost of all these “conveniences” to our planet and the people.

Raising my child meant re-raising myself and constantly questioning it all: is my money supporting a corporation or a family? Is what I put into our bodies, on our bodies, and into our minds truly good for us?

Our carefully curated selection covers all the bases: responsibly sourced items to make your home more uniquely yours, goods to replace chemical laden cleansers for a more eco conscious approach to self care and home care, and small batch gift items sure to make your loved ones feel the love.


Thank you for coming along for the journey, and welcome to the family!

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